EPDM Rubber Seals

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber seals are widely used in various industries for their excellent properties and versatile applications. EPDM is a synthetic rubber known for its resistance to weathering, ozone, UV exposure, and extreme temperatures. Here are some key features and applications of EPDM rubber seals: **Key Features:** 1. **Weather Resistance:** EPDM rubber is highly resistant to weathering, making it suitable for outdoor applications. It can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature variations without deteriorating. 2. **Ozone Resistance:** EPDM is resistant to ozone, which is particularly important for outdoor applications where exposure to ozone can cause rubber materials to crack and degrade over time. 3. **Temperature Resistance:** EPDM rubber has good heat resistance, allowing it to maintain its properties in both high and low-temperature environments. It can handle temperatures ranging from -40°C to 150°C (-40°F to 302°F). 4. **Chemical

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